Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kasasaki Disease rash pictures of my son

Perry was not feeling good that Friday night on the last week of May of 2011, I can still remember that day since the next day I had to attend a Party at my friends house. I thought he was just teething that's why he was crying and not being himself.
Saturday night he was running a fever until the next day, and he had a rash on his belly at first then it spreads to his back, hands and legs. We then took him to the ER, they told us that he has an ear infection and was given medicine for 10 days. But he didn't get better.

Here are the Pictures of his rash: I took this pics with my iphone.

You're Cut Off!

You're Cut Off!

Contributed by Maria Ruiz

One of the best reality shows is "You're Cut Off" on VH 1. This fabulous show depicts the lives of spoiled brats that have been cut off from their parents never ending trust funds. This show depicts how young adults must cope with the startling reality of making their own living and paying their own bills without mommy or daddy's help. I love watching this show as a hard working girl, because it is fun to see the spoiled brats finally suffer for their expenditures.

I indulge in viewing this show on satellite tv with all the time. Well, actually, I only watch this show when I am not working one of my many jobs, which is quite an irony. I am so completely different than the girls on this show, in that I work so hard for every cent I earn on this planet. While I was given a blessed childhood, I understand the value of a hard earned dollar unlike the spoiled brats on this show. On this show, young women must compete against one another by staying within tight budgets. These girls can become so catty, as they are cut off from their parents' finances. In the end, I think this show is pure comedy and a joy to watch for any hard working girl out there who wants insight into the wretched lives of spoiled brats!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kawasaki Disease

My son was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease during the labor day weekend, they finally found out what was wrong with him, when we took him to the ER at Howard County General Hospital. I'm forever thankful for Perry's case that it was diagnosed early. He was with in the 10 days period, so he was treated right away.

Like you, I've never heard of this KD (Kawasaki Disease), I felt like it is my responsibility as a Parent to share to you my son's battle with KD. As I go along, I will share some of my son's picture, symptoms and our experience to this Illness..

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Mom went Home

Last Feb. 12,2011 my mom went home to the Philippines after staying 1 year here. My mom arrived last Feb. 17,2010, she was supposed to stay for 6 months but we applied for her extension of B1/B2 visa which is another 6 months , so she has been staying here for a long time.

I've had 3 different jobs in like a year, first I was a sales associate in the PX for 2 months, then I transferred to the food court making Pizza, for about 5 months. Then I got hired at the daycare facility on base which I make more than my previous job.

Anyways, I'm glad to be back in blogging and I hope I can update more!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


It's been a while since I last updated my blogs, I dont know where to start now. I am currently on leave, so I have time to write.. as if I can write.. LOL ( trying hard)!!!

A few days ago my Family went to New York City for our summer Vacation, I have been wanting to go visit NYC, since last year. My husband just came back from a deployment in Afghanistan, Thank God he came home safe! We decided to spend some time exploring NYC and visit it's tourist attraction. It was also nice seeing my KUMARE/CLASSMATE in NY, she was our tour guide.

Here are our pics!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WeReward: Get Paid for Checkins and Social Activity

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Izea may have had successes with Social Spark, Sponzai, and Sponsored Tweets, but their newest innovation is the one that I am most excited about. It's called WeReward and it monetizes the current social media trend around location-based services and check-ins. In other words, it's created an opportunity for the socially active to make money just by living - checking in to their favorite venues, completing tasks there, and sharing the results with the world.

Before I ramble on too much about the idea, you should probably just watch the overview video below:

WeReward launched last week at Techcrunch's Disrupt Conference. This means that since the application is still so new, it has yet to hit the mainstream. The reason I mention this with such enthusiasm is because of the referral program that Izea has put into place for the application. If you get in early and are able to help spread the word, you could end up making a decent amount of cash from other people's actions on a consistent basis.

So, for everyone with an iPhone and a Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare account - It's time to start getting paid to be social. It's the new craze of action marketing. Are you going to be ahead of the trend?

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CD Review - Licensed to Chill

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Friday, May 14, 2010

business card for you

I was watching a news on TV about the success of the Actor, who play as the football player in the popular movie "The Blind side". The guy said on his interview,said that during his casting, he wasnt sure if he will get the role but he gave his card to the producers, telling him that he is a bodyguard and if he cant get the role then he work as a body guard on the set. The producer then call him after a few days and he of course got the role,he was impressed but how professional that actor is and of he remember him out of everybody because he leave his custom business cards.

Anyway, that actor became so popular, he told during his interview that he was so broke when he got that call to be part of the movie. He is very thankful to all the blessings that come his way. It is really important to have a business card handy, when we go out to meet people or go for interviews. You will never know who you will meet out there.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

camping out

A few days ago I spoke with my friend Kathy and she told me that they were in Florida camping. I never tried camping before, it must be really nice to experience camping soon. We still dont know what we are going to do when my husband comes home from deployment, we talked about going to NY, or going to the beach but no definite plans yet. I want to go outdoors also thats why im considering about a camping trip, Im already checking out used rvs , its better if you have like an RV, then you can take a lot of family and friends with you, it would be fun if you guys are comfortable when you go on a camping trip with the whole family.

As you can see, im very much excited for our summer vacation, Im counting the days until my husband comes home, last year we went to Disney World and hopefully this time we would go somewhere different and of course fun, for our summer escapades.